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Ultimate MUGEN 2009
by 0414setsuna

A nice MUGEN fighting game - about 70 characters

A nice MUGEN fighting game - about 70 characters (557 MB)

Game modes:
-Arcade: Go 1 on 1 against the computer
-Versus: Go 1 on 1 against your friend
-Team Arcade: Play various team-up modes against the computer
-Team Versus: Play various team-up modes against your friend
-Team Co-op: Gang up against the computer with your friend
-Survival: See how long you can last in an endless battle!
-Survival Co-op: Play survival mode with your friend as a partner
-Training: Try out moves and combos
- Watch: Watch a fight between AI fighters

A good game but strange and undocumented controls. Use I,J,K,L + D to select characters from the character selection screen. I don't know what the other controls are.

Game Size: 538 Mb


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