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TMNT vs X-Men
by Wounami

A great Mugen fighting game. Ninja Turtles against the X-men!!!

Remember the days (well 90's) when you would sit home and watch your favorite cartoons!
Ever wished you saw Leonardo beat the crap out of Wolverine?
Well here's your chance in the new TMNT vs X-Men comic's clash!!!

1. Either play as the fast and skillful X-men, including Spidy and Ironman, or as the very powerful Turtles!
2. Fight randomly against 1 out of 3 final bosses in Arcade Mode or the intense Ratking's in Tag Mode.
3. Most characters have their own ending, plus there is a real ending.
4. 34 characters
5. 37 stages
6. Extra stuff as always! ;)
So enjoy!!! :-)

Game Size: 98.5 Mb


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