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Mugen Tournament
by NoYoN9s

An excellent remake of all street fighting games

Mugen Tournament is an excellent remake of all the street fighting games you can find out there. The controls & the sounds effects are superb. It is as good as it can get in the arcade machine. One plus point is that there are really quite a lot of new characters in this game like mario bros, dragon ball, mortal kombat, fatal fury, samurai showdown. So it is like
a quite a complete fighting game for all street fighters fans.The downside
of the game is the small screen. You will fight through several stages to fight two final bosses. There are also strength & other challenges along the way. The final two bossess are a little bit to beat, but with all the combos and the special moves , you should be able to beat them in a while.

Game Size: 294 Mb


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